Photos of People, Buildings, & Streets

     This shoot was greatly inspired by what I studied in a photo-stills book, “A Year in Photography, Magnum Archive”. In it contained hundreds of prints done by magnum photographers, the best of the best. By simply examining each photo I discovered what really makes a photo a work of art, no words, just imagery to educate me. These photographers created exceptionally captivating images that inspired me in such a way I like to think that some of their genius transcended into my work. Sometimes inspiration can be hard to find, but after examining these remarkable images you feel like you could take a picture of anything and expose its inner divine beauty.

     The city is such a fantastic thing to photograph; it’s always changing, even 100+ year old structures that still stand today experience transformations due to the constant wear & tear of humanity. You will never get the same image twice. I believe this is why many photographers make a career out of street photography. What is even more astonishing is that most of them remain in the same city for most of their professional lives.

     These photos were taken all over Toronto; locations include Front Street, Kensington Market, Roncesvalles, St. Clair West, Queen Street West, and University Ave. They were taken over the course of 2-3 months, shooting both on my own and with the company of other photographers.

     Although I spent a lot of time exploring Toronto, I know it still has so much more to offer. As much as it’s frustrating to know that I’ve barely scratched the surface, it motivates me to expand.



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