Karlee Tomkow




  1. markshimazuphotography

    Nice series. What I would have liked to know is how you think you have grown as a photographer in those two years since the shoot. What do you think of those photos now? What would you do differently today?

    • bmcneillphotography

      Thanks Mark. I’ve been a busy guy for the past couple of years spending my time attempting to grow in all aspects. These include lighting, composition, consistent color palets, photoshop techniques, etc. and I think when see my more recent work (i’ll be posting a series I did about a month ago very soon) improvement will be apparent. I still value this work very much, in fact a few of these shots are still included in my current ‘portfolio’. Today I would have focused a more on facial expression for a tad more emotional diversity. My direction of the model could have been done better, this is a valued lesson I learnt from the shoot.

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